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Parachuting Cars

Updated: Jan 28, 2022


Its the dream of every adrenaline junkie to drive a car out of an airplane!! This was done in Fast and Furious 7, in real life. This is one sequence that is surprisingly, mostly real. The film makers actually pushed the cars out and filmed them on their way down. After all the armed forces have dropped vehicles, tanks from cargo planes for decades.

Behind the scenes:

The scene was shot at 12,000 ft for 6 times.
The team found two 1970's Dodge charger for the stunt. Everything was removed- drivetrains, roofs, all fluids and anything else that could cause a problem during free fall.
They clad the undercarriage to make the plummeting vehicles more aerodynamic.
The 520 hp LS3 engine was moved back to shift the center of gravity to handle the jump.
The parachuted car fell at 25 mph.

It is very unlikely that the crew could have jumped out of the plane in their cars and landed on target perfectly all together on the first shot, but it is technically feasible.

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