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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Wheels have been with us for over 5500 years but have not changed over the five millennia. This 21st century opened up a whole new world of wheel design to the automotive industry.

Unveiling a new concept- Spherical Wheels:

Designed on the concept of magnetic levitation without any axle, these tyres provided the fluidity to the cars to move in all desired direction.
Improved driving safety.
Ability to navigate in tight spaces.
Protection of the suspension and exhaust system from unintentional damage.
Easy parking facilitated by the sideway spin of the wheels.

Now, no more spilling of coffee or holding it on the grab rail!

On dry days, the tires stiffen and on wet days they soften by absorbing water, delivering better driving performance.

From monitoring road conditions and adjusting the speed accordingly to sensor tracking the wear on tires to readjust their position to optimize performance, these are just the tires for the upcoming generation.

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